October 10, 2022


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Hanoi, October 10, 2022 - VinFast announced today that it has joined the COP26 zero emission vehicles (ZEV) declaration to affirm its commitment to reaching 100% zero emission new vehicle sales in leading markets by 2035 or earlier. The declaration context is in line with VinFast’s vision to drive the movement of the global smart electric vehicle revolution, for a more sustainable future.

The COP26 ZEV Declaration was hosted within the framework of the 2022 New York Climate Week. The event aimed to announce new signatories and to provide a high-level moment for the soft launch of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition (A2Z coalition), which will be formally launched at COP27.

Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup and Global CEO of VinFast, said: “VinFast envisions a sustainable future for people and the planet through green, clean and safe mobility, which is built on intelligent services, outstanding customer experience, and a deep concern for the planet and future generations. Joining the COP26 ZEV Declaration is one of our many efforts for greater achievements - to be one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers in the world while contributing to help steer global markets toward a green future for all.”

British Ambassador to Vietnam Iain Frew said “The UK Government welcomes VinFast’s participation in this global declaration. VinFast’s signature sends a strong signal to global markets and partners of its business capability, social responsibility and commitment to supporting the global climate agenda. With this movement, VinFast has joined a growing leadership group of 14 automotive manufacturers that share the same commitment. The UK would like to encourage other Vietnamese stakeholders to consider signing up to this declaration and participating in the Accelerating to Zero Coalition”.

VinFast is one of the first automakers in the world to announce a pure electric strategy, focusing on developing a range of smart and environmentally friendly electric vehicles, promoting the global electric vehicle revolution. VinFast offers a comprehensive ecosystem of electric mobility including electric scooters, electric cars, electric buses, and charging solutions that drives the movement of sustainable development in its home country of Vietnam.

VinFast has created efficient and effective processes that reduce emissions, and save water and energy. The company adheres to rigorous sustainability standards and evaluation criteria for corporate partners and suppliers. VinFast also works with leading research institutes and universities on new solutions to achieve zero carbon emissions. The VinFast vehicle battery subscription policy also helps to recover used and expired batteries for disposal by following established state and federal regulations that ensure safety for the environment.

VinFast recently joined The Climate Pledge and committed to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Participating in these initiatives and joining hands to act with others will help VinFast move faster to meet its green goals, helping to promote a better life for everyone.


About VinFast

VinFast - a member of Vingroup – envisioned to drive the movement of global smart electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with globally leading scalability that boasts up to 90% automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Strongly committed to the mission for a sustainable future for everyone, VinFast constantly innovates to bring high-quality products, advanced smart services, seamless customer experiences, and pricing strategy for all to inspire global customers to jointly create a future of smart mobility and a sustainable planet. Learn more at: https://vinfastauto.com. 

About Vingroup

Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading private conglomerates in the region, with a total capitalization of $35 billion USD from three publicly traded companies (as of November 4, 2021). Vingroup currently focuses on three main areas: Technology and Industry, Services and Social Enterprise. Find out more at: https://www.vingroup.net/en.

About the ZEV Declaration

The ZEV Declaration was launched by the UK Government on Transport Day at COP26 as a multi-actor commitment to accelerate the global transition to zero emission vehicles. The declaration now has nearly 200 signatories committed to working towards all new car and vans being zero emission by 2040 globally, and by 2035 in leading markets.

At COP27, the ZEV Declaration will transition into The Accelerating to Zero Coalition (A2Z), an evolution of the ZEV Declaration into an independent standing initiative. The purpose of the coalition is to provide a platform for leading initiatives and organisations to coordinate and amplify their activities to support securing more ZEV Declaration signatories and deliver a Paris-aligned global ZEV transition. It will also support signatories in delivering their commitments with implementation tools and dialogues.

Ahead of COP27, new signatories are invited to sign the Declaration and become founding members of the A2Z Coalition, when it is launched at COP27.